2005/11/08 15:07:00

So I leave a comment on somebodies blog or photo and that’s nice they get to read it. Trouble is that when they or somebody else replies I don’t get to read that as well. I never really revisit that site to check again.

So what we need is a central way to bring all those comments together, so that I am notified of the new comments, could I add an id to the rss feed and then the software will also included comment threads that I am involved in on that site? The id could match the name that I have left in my comment as my search string then when a comment gets left on a site, if I have already commented on that post or picture then I will get a copy of the new comment in my feed for that site.

Might also need an un-subscribe to comments button as well when things get a little slashdotty!

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