Microsoft Live is the future.

2005/12/09 18:30:00

Bet you never thought you would see that title on this site but it’s an unavoidable fact that it is going to be massive.
Currently it is just another web portal, trying to keep up with the real leaders like yahoo and google or the new contenders like flickr ( I know it yahoo),, and to some extent the like of opera, but as we start to see more integration with things like the Xbox360 and their mobile products, people will start to understand just what it all about.

Soon your pda, your phone, your TV, your games console, your Hi-Fi, and of course your fridge will all be linked to Sharing all your information between then, managing your music, tv, and film subscriptions, connecting your phone and messaging, uploading and sharing your photos, your calendar, and your thoughts. Desktops, operating systems and office suites will all be a commodity and the real money will start to be made from services. Soon the “Microsoft Live comaptiable” logo will be on a lot of products.

I think it’s fantastic and I can’t wait. At last we can kill off the PC!

( The usual fears are there about lock in, endless subscriptions, the use of my information for evil and the frustrating lack of choice but in general it a good step forward and in the end open version of all they create will win the day! My only real scary and frantic fear is that our governments will never keep up. )

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