Are you to smart for you salary?

2006/02/17 16:06:00

According to the Guardian, I am to smart for my salary! But then again it was based on a simple IQ test so take it with a large pinch of salt. Still it has cheered my up a little.

Your results

You got 17 questions right out of a possible 25. This gives you a cash/cleverness coefficient of…

It’s official. Your IQ is significantly more powerful than the average for your salary bracket. Demand a pay rise while you still have your faculties.
What it means

If the coefficient is zero, you are paid the average for your IQ, if it is a positive number you are paid under the average and if it’s a minus number you are paid over the average. Results are approximate, based on your IQ and salary bands.To work out your IQ, study the table below.

Correct answers IQ band
0-7 < 90
8-10 90-99
11-13 100-109
14-16 110-119
17-25 120+
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