Sit back and listen now and again.

2006/02/23 22:07:00

Tonight I arrived home and after a light supper, made myself a frothy hot chocolate and cut a slice of fine chocolate cake. I then retired to the sitting room. I took a small shiny disk and placed it into a silver box with a blue light and pressed a tiny button with a triangle on it. It was that this point that the members of the popular beat combo Nirvana entered my room and started up a small acoustic set. I sat back and relaxed as they took me through some of their favorite tunes in my own personal set. Part way through the second track Kurt complained that “The bottom end was a bit boomyâ€, so there was a small break as the speakers were moved more into the room. “Much better”, he said, “but I feel somehow that I am not with the rest of the group”. Taking this to be another comment on the sound rather than a cry for help, some chages to the direction of the speakers and the sound stage was perfect. I could hear Kurt sitting on the right, and his voice echoing around the stage.

Thirteen tracks later and I was more relaxed than I have been in a long time. It has been a while since I have just sat down and listened to an album with no distractions from start to finish and I must say I remember now why I used to enjoy it so much. It made me appreciate just how much depth there is to a song that you just don’t hear in headphones while on the train or tram. So if you want me for the next few weeks then I shall be in the sitting room. Listening

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