Geotagging bookmarklet for google maps.

2006/03/14 11:49:00

I have been looking at geotagging some photos for flickr and wanted a simple way to do it. I don’t own an GPS and even if I did then would probably not remember to note down the location when I took a photo!

So I did what has probably been done by loads of people before and created a bookmarklet to create a geotag that you can paste into your flickr tags. I think it works quite nicely and is simple to setup.

Drag the link below up to your toolbar and then go to Google Maps and find your location. Double click on the location to bring it to the center of the page. Then click on the Get Geotag button that you just created on your tool bar. Up pops an alert with the geotags, copy those as they are into the flickr add tags box and you are away.

Bookmarklet link: Get Geotag

Might be of use to you who knows?!

First try.

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