Freezing a SD card to make it work again.

2006/03/15 23:58:00

IMGP2051-1Up a Tree,
originally uploaded by choffee.

One of my SD cards has been a little quirky for a while now, it will work in the camera mostly and take images fine but sometimes it will just corrupt really badly when I go to pull the photos off in my card reader. Tonight was one such ocassion and of about 15 photos on the card only a couple came over okay. I have tried pulling it out and in again, pushing it all the way in, pushing it halfway in, and cleaning the contacts but still no joy.

Applying some warped logic, I took the whole thing card reader and all and stuffed it into the freezer for about a few minuets and then ran back upstairs to try the copy again. Low and behold all the data copied across bar one picture and a filename.

So if you are haveing problems reading SD, or any other memory card for that matter, pop it in the freezer for a bit to revive it.

Note: You do this at your own risk! It will probably break your USB port/Card reader or make your cat explode.

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