It’s all about the tech.

2006/05/16 16:50:00

I was reading an artical on cityhippy about making changes to an ordianry house to make it greener.  I left the following comment:


This may not be the place but I would just like to ask about solar power. How much energy does it take to make a solar panel comapred to how much it is likely to create in the UK? Assuming I buy it from a local manufacturer then the transport costs are lowered but it must take a reasonable ammount of energy to produce the actual cells, the frame, and the relevent electronics to make it useful. Are we not just using large ammounts of electricity generated in the main using Coal to create a false feeling of “Zero Emmisions”?

On a diffirent subject, how do you get the grey/rain water back up to flush the toilet upstairs? Or do I have to have a tank strapped to the side of my house?

Sorry it’s all questions but they have been bugging me for a bit!


Now other than my lack of grammer skills the point I was trying to get at was that  you can easily get carried away with the techonogy, ( and I am just as guilty as the next man ), but are we really helping? Ripping up your floor and fitting a new underfloor heating system with all it’s enviromnental cost such as the piping, the controls and the possiable new carpet are these costing more in terms of the environment right now than they will ever save in heating costs?

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