Lightbox link from flickr bookmarklet.

2006/05/17 16:51:00

Just a little bookmarklet so that I can simply create a quick photo group using lightbox Drag the link below up to your toolbar, goto the photo page on Flickr that you want and click the new bookmarklet, you should then be presented with the relevent html to paste on your page to create a gallery.

javascript: var num=page_current_url.match(“/photos/[^/]+/([0-9]+)/.*”)[1]; var photo_url=‘’ + global_photos[num].server + ‘/’+num+‘_’+global_photos[num].secret; var title=global_photos[num].title; alert(title+‘” rel=”lightbox[default]” xhref=”‘+photo_url+‘.jpg”> '</font>+<font color=title+‘” title=”‘+title+‘” xsrc=”‘+photo_url+‘_t.jpg” />)

Get Photo Link
Note: By default all images are part of the default group so will be displayed as part of that gallery. To create a seperate group change the word “default” in the rel setting of the link tag to what ever you want to call this new set.Second note: Get a decent browser or operating system! I have been told that these do not work too well in IE on windows. Changing the alert to so that you can copy and paste from it in windows is left as an exercise for my reader.

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