Upgrading a SparcClassic X

2006/05/17 16:17:00

I have a couple of SparcClassic X terminals here that I got free with a large monitor. I have run them as X terminals for a bit but in the end as they were only 256colour and rather slow I gave up on them and they have been foot rests and laptop stands since then. This is all about to change.

Today I took a hacksaw to the back of one of them and have managed to cram in my EPIA Mini-ITX board that is running my server. Not a bad fit all in all. I stripped out all the SUN stuff, the metal sheilding and gave it all a good clean. Then a little mild trimming and we have a nice fit.

There is still some work to do. The HDD is to large so the lid does not quite fit so I need to make a bracket to fix it to the lid. I cleaned the fan on the CPU, big lumps of dust removed and now it is making more noise than ever, I think that the bearings are going so I will have to invest in a new one soon. Fingers crossed that it holds out till then. I have put an old CPU fan on end in the lid to try and move some air around I will look for something a little smaller that can go where the old fan went when it was a sun box.

All in all it’s not looking bad even if I do say so myself!

Case with a new hole. squeeze in the motherboard Sheilding remove for cleaning. All fitted together. Wooden mounts for motherboard. Sound Dampening Drive mounts. (Blu-tack)

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