More ideas on Solar power.

2006/05/18 14:58:00

In my last post or comment about the real cost of solar power I think I may have missed some part of my calculation. Helen commented it’s a combined effect and you have to do something (to very badly paraphrase) I think this should be more like the below equation on both sides.

Cost of power = ( Cost of building producer + ( Cost of Fuel * lifetime ) ) / Energy produced

Where the cost is both environmental and financial. So to go back to my argument about solar panels if half of the electricity in the UK was to be derived from individual solar panels, for example, then you would not need to build half of the future conventional power stations. So there is a saving to be had in those construction cost that will offset the manufacture of the solar panels.

This is all very simplistic but I think I now have all the main points. If somebody could fill in the number that would be a great help. I would love to help but I have some solar panel to bid for on ebay!

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