My first Tabblo

2006/05/19 12:16:00

Never being one to miss out on a new web trend I have jumped on the tabblo bandwagon. It’s a bit like flickr only with a diffirent slant on what you need in a photo site. It’s fully Web 2.0 complient and manages to fit in all the latest buzz words. Quite nice to use and creates a nice page. Have a play and see what you think.
Tabblo: SparcClassic Upgrade

I have an old SparcClassic X which is next to useless and I have been using as a foot rest for a while. So I decided to upgrade it a little using my Mini-ITX board that I am currently running as a home server.

First of all take out all the insides. You have to break a few plastic welds to get out the IO board and a couple more to get the tin sheilding out as shown here.

Next go at it with the hoover and then some kitchen paper and soap to get rid of 20 years of grime!
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