New Camera

2006/07/13 18:07:00

New Camera

Recent event and a desire to feed my geek needs have moved me to a new purchase.

It’s going to be a new camera but I still have some thinking to do. So far I have a shortlist of the favourites in each type.

1. Canon 350D
2. Canon S3 IS
3. Pentax Optio W10

1. The Digital SLR.

The Canon 350D is about as good as it gets for entry level DSLR cameras. The whole camera is fast from the moment you switch it on to every little function you want to select or change.

2. The UltraZoom

With 12x optical zoom, Image stabilisation and movies at 30fps in VGA this is a pretty good all rounder. It would give me some of the extra features and quality of a DSLR without some of the cost and also in a more contained package.

3. The FunCamera

Waterproof to 1.5m what more can I say. The old Optio that I had was indestructible on surfing and snowboarding trips and served me well. Unfortunately a trip to the Dales resulted in a lack of picture, which is a shame as it was still taking a good picture.

I have been using my phone, a SonyErricson K750i as my main camera for a while now as I always have it with me. In good light it can take a pretty good photo but it’s not really a proper camera. My Canon G1 has served me well for the last few years but is now starting to show it’s age with a really slow startup time and a sensor that make my phone look good. On holidays the Optio has always been the camera of choice, allowing for easy carrying and taking to the beach or up the mountains. While there have been times that I have been left wanting a better camera most of the time it manages well.

Part of me really wants the complete control that comes from a DSLR with the option of adding lenses etc. but on the other hand I am not sure if I want to make that sort of commitment or can justify all that expense for what is not even really a hobby! Currently I very rarely set off just to take some photos and whilst I have been doing it more lately it’s not at all serious. I think I would have to set myself some goals if I where to go out and start this.

Would I actually get more use out of the S3 than the 350D because it is just one thing to worry about or would I lack motivation because I would never think that it really a proper camera when the novelty has worn off.

Then again perhaps I should just buy the world a donkey and keep using my phone for snapshots!

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