Spam filters

2006/08/18 05:54:00

So the latest round of email spam comes in a nice clever format. It’s a text email and html mail combined. The text is just a random quote from a book or what ever. The html contains the same text but also contains an image that is placed on top of it with the advert in. In that way it’s very difficult to tell the difference between this and a ham email. It also messes with Bayesian filtering as it can’t find any patterns!

But it does beg the question if I have gone to the trouble to turn on spam filtering do you think that I then going to start buying stuff from the ones that get through? “Hang on a min, I do need a new M0rtGuage! or medical supplies from a company that can’t even spell and I know I spent some time getting rid of spam but hey if this got through it must be good!”

I still think that the government should send out dummy spam and that anybody who replies to it should be fined and banned from the internet for a year!

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