We all need a thumbs up.

All I can reach.

Still having some problems with the reach of my thumb but it's getting better. I can now touch my little finger but only just and it hurts a bit.

It have been quite an enlightening experience. When I had my foot and thumb in a cast walking was a very slow process, every journey was a while in the planning and then as I progressed it was small sections at a time. Spot the easiest looking piece of street and head for it. Stop, rest, plan and set off again. It's quite scary how much you miss just being able to get around.

Later as my foot was released and I regained full use of my foot I still had my thumb in plaster. You just don't realize what you use that second thumb for and how you are so used to have it just there and ready to go. Picking things up was sometimes an interesting experience as I had to pause for a moment and rethink how to do things again. Sometimes I found myself having to completely reposition my body back so that I could instead use my left hand to do something.

Still I am one of the lucky ones as I seem to be making a full recovery.

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