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Twice this week people have asked me about Linux on my laptop.

I travel on the trains quite a bit and you can normally find me sitting at a table, assuming I can get a seat, with my laptop on, tapping away. ( Yes sometimes I am asleep!)

Twice, in as many weeks, I have been asked if I was running Linux on my laptop because I have an Ubuntu sticker on the lid. The first time was somebody just interested in how it works, and the moment he started talking I started to kick myself for not having a current copy available to give him. ( I have since got myself a few feisty ubuntu copies on back order). I told a fairly honest story and said that he should probably try a boot disk and see how it worked with his computer. The second chap was an AIX engineer in a previous live and was now selling clusters only to people who wanted more than 512 cores!

I wonder if that is just because I have not been wearing my headphones for the last week or two?

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