I discovered the puppet define command the other day and thought it would be useful to be able to access that from within vim so I created a little function to do it. Thought it might be useful for others so I have noted it here.

Just drop this into ~/.vim/ftplugin/puppet.vim and you should be good to go. Typing \pt ( ,puppet,type ) when over a puppet type should pop up a definition.

Edit: Now available to download from github.

" Takes some settings
" g:puppet_command The location of the puppet command
if !exists('g:puppet_command')
  let g:puppet_command = 'puppet'
" g:puppet_doc_widown - The type of puppet doc window to open
if !exists('g:puppet_doc_window')
  let g:puppet_doc_window = 'split'


" Define a puppet type
function ?PuppetDefineType(fname)
  " Show the puppet definition of the current puppet type that the cursor is
  " sitting on.

  " Create a window with a new __doc__ buffer
  if bufnr("__doc__") >0
      execute g:puppet_doc_window.'| b __doc__'
      execute g:puppet_doc_window.' __doc__'
  " Make this buffer disposable
  setlocal noswapfile
  set buftype=nofile
  setlocal modifiable
  " Cleare the buffer
  normal ggdG
  "Read in the new description
  execute 'silent read !'.g:puppet_command.' describe '.fname
  " Go back to the top
  normal 1G
  setlocal nomodified
  set filetype=rst


" Setup two commands to define the word under the cursor
map <buffer> <leader>pt :call ?PuppetDefineType('<C-R><C-W>')<CR>
map <buffer> <leader>pT :call ?PuppetDefineType('<C-R><C-A>')<CR>

Things that may improve this are the ability to run the command from anywhere in the file and have it find the nearest type and referencing local types. Let me know if you find it useful and I may ask for it to be added to Rodjek's puppet vim module


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