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opensource sharing works

Opensource sharing works.

With the recent announcements of opensourcing of java and the agreements between Novel and Microsoft I was pleased to see the power of opensource in action to day on the ?Rhythmbox mailing list.There was a post on the list from an banshee developer that asked about extending a file that is used to identify a Digital audio player. I liked this on many levels. Two competing pieces of software agreeing to a nice common way to identify jukeboxes that would work across all platforms. Both parties agreeing to make it compatible to the standards used by ?HAL so that the changes could be fed back into that project when required. But best of all adding support for all players in a common way so that as a new player arrives on the market you can simply add it to you current player and it will all work just like your last one. Now all they need is for the music player manufactures to agree to add the file...

Posted Fri Nov 17 15:52:06 2006 Tags: ?DAP gnome ?opensource tech
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