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trip to iceland

Trip to Iceland.

For a number of reasons I will not bore you with I have a few days holiday that I must use before the new year so here I am on a train to Heathrow heading for Iceland.

I was just looking through the last second deals thinking about things I could do rather than all the chores that really need doing when I came across an advert for city breaks to Reykjavik. After a lot of procrastinating and indecision I finally booked it late last night and went to bed. A few hours later and I was still awake going through the reasons as to why it was a bad idea, large cost for not much time, another polluting flight, Sarah would be at work, I should be fixing the bathroom, plastering the hall, selling my truck or any number of things. In the end I was too tired to stay awake and so I slept on it. This morning it was a different game, I have booked it and there is no going back so lets make the most of it. I invited Rob as he is always at a loose end and so we have put our dinner jackets in our bags, packed our ski-dooing coats ( well snowboarding coat but you get the idea) and we are off. With the balcony of our apartment overlooking the city center and some trunks for the hot spars it's going to be a good one.

Posted Fri Dec 15 00:20:58 2006 Tags: Iceland holiday
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