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creating a bigger home

Increasing the size of your home directory on the fly.

For a long time now I have used LVM to manage most of my disk space on my machines. It's simple once you have understood what it is talking about and it is quite flexible.

I have been running out of space in my home directory on my desktop at home. I have a load of random disks in the box and they are all under LVM. I have been putting off sorting this out for a while now as all the times before that I have wanted to resize drives it's a boot disk job. Not any more.

# lvextend -L +10Gb /dev/maindatavg/homelv # resize2fs /dev/maindatavg/homelv

That's it. I now have another 10Gb of disks space in my home directory. All online, all in about 30 seconds!

Note: I already had some spare space in the maindata_vg to play with so this was simple but if I had added a new drive I could have just added it to the group and done the same.

Posted Wed Feb 7 23:56:59 2007 Tags: linux lvm tech
resume from lvm

After my move to md-crypt for my home directory I have also moved my swap partition over to LVM. This has caused a couple of problems with hibernate and recover from disk.

In the end I had to hand hack some files in the initrd to make it load the LVM before it tried to do a resume bit of a fudge. There are a load of bugs about it filed in the Ubuntu database so I did not really have anything to add.

Also to get the crypto stuff to work I had to remove the splash kernel option from the grub setup so that it would prompt me for a password!

As I have hacked things I am sure this will come back to bite me but it's working for now and that will do.

Posted Wed Jan 10 11:56:11 2007 Tags: linux lvm tech
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