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p990 flip trivia

Useless P990i fact for the day.

The flip sensor is a little magnetic switch on the right hand side of the screen at the top of the closed flip. So when you put it into your case with the magnetic clip on the front, the phone thinks you are opening the clip then closing it again. That is why the screen comes on every time you try to put the phone away and not because you are pushing any of the buttons. Tune in tomorrow for more exciting trivia

( A geobar for the first to guess what my latest toy is.)

( Hint: It was upgrade time on my phone contract!)

Posted Wed Mar 21 13:53:31 2007 Tags: ?p990 phone
Its all in the name

It's all in the name.

If you have been on the Internet at all over the last few days then you have probably read all about the new iPhone from Apple. They hype is stifling. The device is nothing really new. Yes it has a swanky large touch screen but other than that it is not a lot different in essence from the devices available from Nokia or ?SonyEricsson so why is it getting all the fuss?

Apple has a reputation for cool stuff not a necessarily technically better but just cool enough to make you want it. They used to be exclusive and cool as they would be priced just above the average and so people desired them. When they released the iPod they hit a sweet spot. Now you could own a trendy Apple product for only a couple of hundred pounds. People rushed out and brought. They ignored the faults with the device concentrated on how cool the scroll wheel was and traded their freedom to do what they wanted with their music for a piece of Apple cools.

The hype continues to this day, Apple are still the brand to be seen with and they go out of their way to keep that mystique. Steve Jobs is working the customers with skill! Looks at the SE P990i and tell me what the iPhone will do that this does not (other than not have 3G), movies, music, camera, organiser, Wi-Fi, and phone it's all there. Look at the Nokia N93i again doing all that apple is promising tomorrow but doing it now. But they are not cool and so people who did not give them a second look will already be saving for the iPhone.

My only hope is that it will stimulate people into noticing that they don't need a phone, a camera and an ipod nano and can just get a SE K800i or Nokia N73 and do it all in one.

Me I am going to get me a FIC Neo1973 Phone or possibly a Nokia N800 and just stick with my K750 for now.

(Other phones are available but the Nokia and SE ones I know of now!)

Posted Fri Jan 12 16:04:53 2007 Tags: phone tech
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