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photo movements

Photo movements.

My Flickr pro account has run out. I have let it do so. I will probably renew it soon but for now I have switched to Zooomr. They should all come up on my PlanetChoffee. Now I know what you are thinking, "another account to create" but as you already have an OpenID account to comment on this site (Hint: Click on the "Discuss" link and sign up for an openid account or just use your own openid or livejournal account) then you can use that on Zooomr too. Hey if you do sign up them drop me a zmail and I will add you to the private groups so you can see all the hidden photos.

My Zooomr Photos

Posted Fri Jan 19 02:11:57 2007 Tags: photo
canon remote

Built me a remote for my new camera.

Canon remote shutter

On the side of my camera is a 2.5mm stereo jack socket that can be used to remote control the shutter release. During the last few dark shots I have been using the timer to try and avoid camera shake but this means that you have to wait an extra ten seconds before the shot fires.

After a bit of research I found a couple of sites that showed how simple it was to create a switch box to control it all. After digging around my box of bits for a while I decided that I would leave the speak and spell controlled remote for another day and head down to Maplins.

Inside the Canon remote shutter

After a slight error of buying the wrong type of switch ( Hey it was in a row of push-to-make switches and had no label saying any different how was I supposed to know it was a push-to-break version!) I now have constructed what looks like a nicely homemade version a remote control complete with a latching switch for long bulb exposures. Time to get out tonight and grab some photos.

Posted Wed Dec 6 22:39:26 2006 Tags: camera canon make photo
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