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touching the void

We watched Touching the Void a couple of nights ago. It puts things in perspective a little. Well worth the time. ( I may spoil the plot a little so you may want to go and watch it first!)

You can argue all you like about how they approached the climb or what they did to get them into that situation but as my only ice climbing experience was a 10ft glacier then I don't really feel qualified.

As the program progressed I could not believe that the story was true and just what the guy was capable of doing. It left me with a nagging doubt about my capabilities and determination but who knows how you would perform in that situation.

At one point he is halfway down a crevasse with a broken leg and makes a decision to lower himself further down a hole which as far as he can tell has no bottom. Could I make that sort of decision?

Still ideal viewing before you go snowboarding!

Posted Wed Jan 10 11:41:44 2007 Tags: ice movie review
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