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new haircut new blog

New Haircut New Website.

It's all change now. I have got enough in place now that I am happy to move to this new site. A couple of things to note are that the feeds are changing for all of you that just reed via a reader and the old ramble entries are there in static form but with none of the old comments as yet. ( I need to read up some more on the SQL to get those out.) You can comment on any page on my site and even edit things if you want to but please respect that it is mostly my stuff! You can login using an OpenID and just go ahead and leave comments etc. I will see how long I last before the spammers get carried away and I have to turn it all off and roll back to a nice version.

Oh and I am now using IkiWiki for my site which uses a nice version control system as a back end and is really simple to use. I can create posts in ?Vim again!!

Posted Wed Dec 6 22:14:01 2006 Tags: website wiki
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