My Wish List

For now I have put it on Pinboard: My Virtual Wishlist

Maybe a Sustrans support gift.

Anything from Howies or Finisterre. ( The Daymer Shirt is pretty nice

Bike Bits

A really nice set of hinge clamps for my brompton

Saw these in Copenhagen and they just made me smile. Rainbow Hex Key Set

A really nice coat should not look like I am an spod. So the Vulpine Cotton Rain Jacket is really nice. A good technical jacket that does not look like it. ( I'm a large and liked the indigo when I tried them on at the BWC) I did not try it at the time but I also liked the Water off a ducks back mens cycle coat

I quite like this idea, might hang it of the saddle but of course two from the handle bars would be good. Tufts


A small dry bag in the shape of a coffee bag: The coffee bag


I don't know where I would put it or what I would do with it by I think I need a Tetra Shed.

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