Recent changes to this wiki:

Trim down the wishlist
merge the wishlist
Change front page to be https
Try adding an album
Fix more thoughts link
Added link to new bloggy thing
Added an images tool page
Added my new php key
Don't float the image
Shrink the image a bit
creating tag page tags/code
creating tag page tags/lcdsysinfo
Added calendar blog post
I should really learn markdown
Blog post about locking the screen
Some more rotations
Rotate some images
Fix file name
Fix some formatting
Fix missing quote
Fix image urls in coatstand post
Resize all the coat stand images
creating tag page tags/concrete
creating tag page tags/coatstand
Added coatstand_post
Added git ignore file to Writing puppet spec test blog
Try the float-right class
Also steal github pre style
Steal the code css from github
creating tag page tags/puppet
Writing my first puppet spec test
Inital details of the homecontrol protocols
remove sheffield reference from home page
Added links to my old posterous posts
Merge branch 'master' of seahorse:git/ikiwiki
Added old posterous backups
Added kettles
Remove thermometer from wishlist
Added howies and finistair to the wishlist
Added cocktail glasses to the wishlist
Move the wishlist to pinboard
Added t-shirt to wishlist
Added tufts to wishlist
Little update to the whishlist
Strong not em
Fix some em
Added starwars cookoo clock
creating tag page tags/grooveshark
creating tag page tags/multiarch
Added post about Nuvola and flash
Updated the linux for laptops template
Added tetra shed to the wishlist
A little tidy up
Shrink the photos a bit
Move post to correct dir
Move last post to right dir
creating tag page tags/oil
creating tag page tags/brompton
creating tag page tags/clean
creating tag page tags/chain
Added chain-l post
Merge wishlist
Added rel=author link to sidebar for google plus
Added coffee bag to the wishlist
Added water off a ducks back coat to wishlist
Added Vulpine jacket
Fixed links on wishlist
Added rainbow allen keys to wishlist
Moving the wishlist into the wiki
Just added some brompton bits for now but will soon add more.
Added a page about my laptop
Added link to the gist for github
Change fileformat to txt as vim is not supported for now
Fixed some formatting for last blog post
Added puppet vim draft
Make links readable in the header
Added some more style and went fixed width again
Some more style tweaks
Add some grass to the header
Change the blogs so that they don't include images
Don't include images in post list
Make starting to test post live
Convert image to html tag and float-right
Change to make the image work
Added a graph because we all like a graph
Change gherkin format to txt
Revert "Change format to hightlight in post"
This reverts commit 1886ce0864162bc0be2fc3655a9f194d3fe9f1ab.
Change format to hightlight in post
Fix up some style
creating tag page tags/jenkins
creating tag page tags/testing
creating tag page tags/ruby
A couple more typos
Added a little more
Added a draft for jenkins
Fix puppet link
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