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Starting nfc-eventd from systemd on the beaglebone

Attaching an nfc reader to the beaglebone. In my case a cheap one called COOQROBOT which I think is pn532 variant.

I installed both libnfc and nfc-eventd from source. The ususal ./configure; make ; sudo make install. ( You might need to follow this with a ldconfig -v to get the library picked up )

Now you can start a service that monitors your nfc reader for new tags. Just drop the following into /etc/systemd/system/nfceventd.service and run sudo systemd daemon-reload.




Now you can start the service with systemctl start nfceventd.service. And look at errors and output with systemctl status nfceventd.service.

By default the config for nfc-eventd just saves the events to /tmp/nfc-eventd. If you edit /usr/local/etc/nfc-eventd.conf you can change what this now does. So it could for instance send those events to your node-red server via mqtt.

action = "mosquitto_pub -h -t /nfc/tag/ -m $TAG_UID "


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