Create a sync system so that changes on the desktop can be published / stored online

I could setup a sync4j server on ferrit and offer it as a service with a simple python script to sync the data to it.
Some people may be worried about security of their data
Build a simple web interface so that they can get to there data and setup sync relationships
Sell an outlook plugin for loooosers or look for a ready made one to sell on.
Then start to extend so that more things like bookmakrs and tomboy notes are synced could use Conduit to help here.
Using conduit with a python based nice fronted so that you can just pick what to sync and off it goes remote desktop.
Can then extend with things like photo sharing
Would need to change the premissions description a bit
Could use openid to give everybody a single login, they can either sign up or use existing id.
Automated syncing
Man this should go in my ideas page on my blog
Little status icon showing if things are waiting to sync
Little app to check what has been synced
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