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Bikes and that - Some really nice cycling shoes. I don't have clipless pedals but if I did these would be the shoes for me. Oh and their boots in the winter.

Coding - It may seem mad but why not write your next web application in C? Some good tips if you do and a couple of interesting libraries even if you don't. - The future of programming circa 1974, given in a talk in 2014. TL;DW we are still programming like it's 1974.

Sysadmin - A really simple introduction to what is going on in a unix pipe. Good to remind yourself of the basics sometimes. - Some good videos showing you how to driver Grafana which is turning out to be a really smart front end to graphite.

Making - I brougt a broken sewing machine of ebay based on this post. ( Why do I insist on shaving the yak first every time?) - I have been watching hours or Paul Sellers videos. He has such a great presenting style. Just watching him work is a pleasure. It's all hand tools as well so it a much more relaxed pace. I am seriously concierding treating myself to one of his courses.


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