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Internet Notes from about week 02

A new year and a new blog post....

Tech news

All things python: - This is a list of the best of the pycoders weekly from last year. Some really great posts in there.

Testing our puppet code has become a big thing for us now. More and more of our code has spec tests using rspec-puppet and puppetlabs-rspec-helper. We are also starting to experiment with beaker that server-spec that allow us to boot up a Virtual Machine(VM) and run tests against an applied manifests. Which then leads me on to a interesting project called test-kitchen which was created to do a similar thing for Chef recipies. is an interesting post about how to use test-kitchen and docker to do the same for puppet.

Clearing out

Keeping up with my clearing up and with a bit of a new year burst of enthusiasm I have binned my old CD player that I brought at University and no longer works feels such a shame to take it to the tip. Also selling DVD player, AV Amp, Huge speakers on Gumtree. Now I just have a nice stereo amp and small speakers hooked up to a squeezebox for music and radio. Then an Kodi ( was XBMC ) box for watching Youtube and movies etc. All neat and tidy. Next up is sorting the Minidisc collection and getting rid of that too. Everything must go.

I got given a vice for Christmas, no not that sort, a woodworking vice. So now I just need to build a bench to attach it too. So look out for some more woodworking stuff.

Do no evil

I am going to try going back to this blog for some online stuff. I am starting to worry about my dependence on Google. I have been looking at owncloud and I kickstarted ( is that a word now? ) the project and the Mozilla Matchstick last year as well.


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