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A lot of people create these little summaries of things that they have found during the week on the internet. I quite like reading some of the good ones. I also read quite a lot of stuff from around the web and most of it goes in one eye and out the other. So I thought it might be good to try and summerise what I have found. Maybe I will do it weekly but I doubt it. Here goes….

General I think I fall into the trap of the new and shiney. Maybe it’s time to focus on a few. A really nice design for a plant pot where it rains on the plants. Not sure how effective it is but looks nice. Another beautiful tiny house design. I would love one of these. So simple. (I might need a large basement room to keep all my “stuff” in but that is another story) People beleive things written in Baskerville font. Very sad war letter in the middle of this artical. We all know the 8 hour working day is broken but lets not rock the boat. Casio Calculator watch unboxing. It’s a calculator that works on your wrist. Made in 1 to 1 scale.

Bikes Everybody needs a cargo bike. I think it is still going to take a long time before people realise just how scary it is to ride with city traffic and how much better cities would be if there where better routes for the less brave.

Sysadmin A tool for migrating grapite databases about which looks usefull for updates etc.

3D Printing A nicely thought out clamp for laces like you get on snowboard boots. It’s great to see little things like this as they are shared it makes them really useful. and Yet another 3D object sharing site. An idea to implement a common standard for things sharing across 3D object sites like the above and thingiverse.

Cameras Mum gave me an old Olympus SLR film camera with a broken light meter. Lets see how well this works! Finished the first slide film that was in the camera and sent it off for development. I assume it’s going to come back covered in stickers telling me how wrong my estimations where. (I did use a light meter for some so I might have one or two)