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General Summary

As I wander lonley as a cloud across the series of tubes that is the internet this week I found some of this stuff interesting….

General A neat mobile friendly site for cocktail recipies. For all your ascii art flow chart drawing needs.

Bikes Amsterdam is taking the long term view on planning cycling as a fully supported part of the transport system. I wonder what York City Councils 20 year plan looks like.

Makers Southampton hacker space have a new space and now call themselves So Make It. Scrap Stuff. A Leeds art collective recycling your stuff for the enterainment and education of your children. A really tiny and detailed model of a bike workshop. So much effort has gone into this. Cables for the bus pirate that have the names on the pins on the end. So useful.

Devopsy Saltstack looks like an interesting alternative to Puppet. Not sure it’s worth us changing right now but if I was looking for a new configuration management tool it would be worth a look I think. There are so many of them about now though. It would be nice if they could have some common parts.

Progamming Apache camel messaging broker and translator type thing. Read the post for a better discription. Maybe it should go in the Devopsy list above, who knows.